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When applied together with insecticides used to combat red spider, whitefly, green worm and other pets, increases wetting, diffusing and adhesive properties and efficiency of the insecticides.

Provides pesticides and fertilizers to spread better and uniform on the plant surface by reducing the surface tension of the particles compared to the traditional diffusors and increases the performance. In addition, accesses to inaccessible points according to the different growth periods of the plants and provides a better cover.

SLC-Tech is an anionic spreader adhesive with wetting and contact effect. It is mixed with fertilizers and pesticides which are applied through the leaf and increases their efficiency and efficiency time, by enabling them to adhere on the surface and by increasing the wettability of the surface. While mixing with insecticides used against pests, it is applied in a dosage of 20-50 cc / 100 l of water. While mixing with fertilizer and plant nutrition, it is applied in a dosage of 15-40 cc / 100 l of water. For a spreader, adhesive and wetting effect, it is applied in a dosage of 20-50 cc /100 l of water.

Packaging: 100 cc.