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Grand Soil

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Grand Soil;

Functioning of Grand Soil is that it binds the salt in the soil due to the anion and cation exchange, the salt bind with drip irrigation and releasing irrigation is removed downward from the root zone by the help of Grand Soil. It is a salinity corrector and pH reducer.

The dripping fertilizers and base fertilizers used can lead to excess salt in the soil over time. This can not leads the pH to increase and the other elements could not be get by binding. Therefore, to prevent our land from this result we should use Grand Soil from time to time. For dripping the dosage is 1 -2 l per decare. The dose can be increased up to 5 liters in extremely salty soils. From above, we should always use Grand Soil at the dosage of 100 cc for 100 l of water for each disinfection, in order to decrease the pH of the water, increase effect of and prolong the effectiveness of the pesticides.


For dripping 1.5-2 l for each decare.

(Application should be repeated in every 20 days.)

Package: 5 l. 20 l.