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Cripto Plant 18-18-18



Completely soluble in water
Guaranteed Content
Total Nitrogen (N)
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)
Ammonium Nitrogen (N)
Urea Nitrogen (N)
Water Soluble Phosphopenta Oxide (P2O2)
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

Cripto Plant;

• Ammonium form of nitrogen is in fully chelated state in the Cripto Plant. By the help of nitrogen in the form of chelated ammonium, losses are at a level close to zero.

• The potassium in Cripto Plant is bound with a very special chelating material that is able to adjust the nitrogen-potassium balance in plant and to minimize the potassium losses that occur in the soil or may occur from a faulty mixture.

• The rate of the phosphorus contained in Cripto Plant is proper to make minimum reaction with other chemicals. Thus, phosphorus is prevented to make bond in any case and having solubility in water is increased to the maximum level. Thus, almost all of the phosphorus can be absorbed by the plant.

• Contains enzymes that promote the development of meristematic cells in plants.

• pH is between 2 and 3.5 in all formulations.

• It is a regulator that affects pH of the environment and the soil positively.


Plants Application through leaves
Cut flowers 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Open field vegetables 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Greenhouse vegetables 125-175 g in 100 l of water
Pome fruit 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Stone fruits 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Citrus fruits, olive trees 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Vineyards 150-200 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 15 Kg.