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Cripto 0-40-40



Completely soluble in water
Guaranteed Content
Water Soluble Phosphorpenta Oxide (P2O2)
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

Cripto 0-40-40;
Cripto O-40-40+IE can be applied by drip irrigation or through leaves and is recommended to be used after vegetable transplantation to ensure rapid root growth, before blossoming to prevent thin and feeble growth, before harvest to increase efficiency, hold of the flowers and to promote continuous blossoming and during the harvest. It increases color, flavor, content and size of the fruits.
• Does not contain fillers and dyes.
• Soluble even in cold water.
• Does not make calcification as it does not absorb moisture.
• Na and Cl are little if any.
• The formulation is in view of a white powder and particle diameter is thin.
• Has a high resolution and absorbability capacity.
• Can be applied safely through the leaves.
• Does not cause sediment and clogging in dripping system.
• Does not cause soil salinization.
• Has high quality and purity.


Plants Application through leaves
Cut flowers 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Open field vegetables 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Greenhouse vegetables 125-175 g in 100 l of water
Pome fruit 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Stone fruits 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Citrus fruits, olive trees 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Vineyards 150-200 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 15 Kg.

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