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Crazy Doping

Product image Product Properties
Ürünler output CrazyDoping crazy-doping-fertilizer


Completely soluble in water
Guaranteed Content
Organic substances
Total Nitrogen (N)
Organic Nitrogen (N)
Urea Nitrogen (N)
Amount of Chlorine (Cl)
pH range

Crazy Doping;
It is completely plant sourced and organic. Contains amino acids and the total percentage of these amino acids is relatively high. The nitrogen included is in the organic form and prevents the plant to get excessive length as in use of chemical nitrogen, does not indulge plants and shortens the internodes.
The plant uses the nutrients it has got from the soil and other fertilizers not for synthesizing proteins but for growth. Use of Crazy Doping increases the amount of photosynthesis in the plant. L-glutamine contained increases the amount of chlorophyll, thereby the plant forms more nutrients with the increased amount of chlorophyll. Moreover, L-Asportic, provides energy production in the cells and plant can grow faster. L-Threonihe contained strengthens the immune system, so increases resistance of the plant against pests and other adverse conditions. L-Glys transforms the nutrients which are given to the plant but can not be used by the plant into chelate form and provides the product to be taken more. L-methionine increases the ethylene hormone in the plant and by the help of ethylene fruits ripen earlier and roots grow more. L-Lysine facilitates pollination in the plants and increate fruit taking rate. L-Arginine increases the formation of flowers, so the yield. L-Histidine regulates the maturation and increases the attractiveness of the product.
Crazy Doping is a liquid product which has rich organic substances, high rates of free amino acids, optimum pH range and can be absorbed at extremely high levels. Its use is extremely convenient for underground production especially in cold periods. It can maximize protein synthesis with the free amino acids it contains and stimulates the stable root growth.


Product Type Application Periods Application through leaves da/100 l water/gr
Tomato, pepper, eggplant 2 applications in seedbed
During the growth period
Melon, watermelon, cucumber, etc. (Cucurbitaceae) During early growth
Before the first watering
At the beginning of branching
At the fruit period
Cherry, peach, apple, pear, apricot, plum, nectarine, etc. For deciduous trees Immediately after pruning
While spots are appearing
After the blooming or at formation of the first fruit
At the fruit ripening period
After the fruit is collected
Vineyard Immediately after pruning
While spots are appearing
Before the blooming
At the unripe grape period
After harvest
Olive At pruning or later
Before blooming
At the summer shoot
Cotton While with 8-10 leaves (only to plant orders)
Before budding and at blooming period
First ripening period
Citrus Before blooming
After blooming
Before defoliate in June
Immediately after harvest
In application through soil, it is given by irrigation of 1 l to 5 decar for the first watering
At the first pullulating period
Before first watering
At the beginning of blooming
After blooming
Cabbage, cauliflower, broccoli, brussels sprouts, winter products and lettuce During early growth, after 15-20 days (2-3 applications) 100-150
Strawberry At the end of the winter period
Before and after blooming
15 days apart during harvest
Ornamental plants At the beginning of waking period for rose
At budding
20 days apart during the growth period
Arboriculture 2 applications during growth periods 150-200

Packaging: 5 Kg. 25 Kg.