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(ıncludes Zinc Sulfate)

Completely soluble in water
Guaranteed Content
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)

Stimulates the plant growth hormones (auxin and cytoconyn). Required by the soil microorganisms and stimulates proliferation and growth of these organisms. Accelerates circulation and transport of nutrients in the plant. Enhances the growth of vegetative organs and roots of plants. Improves the strength of the transmission membrane. Increases nutrition of the plant and formation of chlorophyll in the leaves. Enhances the germination capacity of seeds. Enables the plant to grow in a balanced way by stimulating the root system and cell proliferation. Strengthens seed bed. Prevents lashing that occurs in fruit trees.
Symptoms of zinc deficiency in plants occurs in the form of chlorosis between the veins on the leaves. While veins remain green in the leaves, the color between the veins turns to light green, yellow or even white. As zinc can not move very well within the plant, in case of zinc deficiency the zinc can not be carried from old leaves to the newly formed leaves. Therefore, the deficiency symptoms show themselves on the young leaves. Leaf formation in fruit trees are adversely affected. Rosette formation is observed on the shoot ends.

Plants Application through leaves
Cut flowers 100-150 g in 100 l of water
Open field vegetables 100-125 g in 100 l of water
Greenhouse vegetables 100-125 g in 100 l of water
Pome fruit 125-150 g in 100 l of water
Stone fruits 125-150 g in 100 l of water
Citrus fruits, olive trees 100-150 g in 100 l of water
Vineyards 100-150 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 1 Kg. 5 Kg. 25 Kg.