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Grand Forte 28

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Completely soluble in water

Guaranteed Content

Total Nitrogen (N)

Nitrate Nitrogen (N)

Ammonium Nitrogen (N)

Urea Nitrogen (N)

Nitrogen deficiency adversely affects the plant's vegetative development particularly. Leaf and stem systems become weak. Vegetative growth period is shortened. Plants ripen early, flower early and get older early.

It shows excellent effect in cases where there is nitrogen deficiency and vegetative growth is weak. It is recommended to be used in the vegetative period.

It is a special fertilizer that can be used in all products, is quite effective especially at low temperatures and contains different nitrogen sources in a high proportions.

• Has a formulation that can be applied through both the soil and the leaves.

• Reduces stress in plants by the help of its special formulation.

• Provides the plants to grow in a balanced and healthy way.

• Does not contain sulfur and chlorine.



Application through leaves

Cut flowers

150-200 g in 100 l of water

Open field vegetables

150-200 g in 100 l of water

Greenhouse vegetables

125-175 g in 100 l of water

Pome fruit

175-200 g in 100 l of water

Stone fruits

175-200 g in 100 l of water

Citrus fruits, olive trees

150-200 g in 100 l of water


150-200 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 1 Kg. 5 Kg. 10 Kg. 25 Kg.