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Grand AGR

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Completely soluble in water

Guaranteed Content
Total Nitrogen (N)
Nitrate Nitrogen (N)
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)
Water Soluble Magnesium Oxide (MgO)
Water Soluble Iron (Fe)
Water Soluble Manganese (Mn)
Water Soluble Zinc (Zn)

the completely soluble in water powder fertilizer which has been developed in order to apply through the leaves for all fruits, flowery plants and vegetables.

The ingredient of Grand AGR has been formulated so as to provide mainly nitrogen, potassium, magnesium and trace elements to the plant. As purity of the ingredients and presence of urea nitrogen provide it to penetrate through the upper layers of the leaves, intake of the nutrients is extremely fast and perfect.

As the application of Grand AGR promotes vegetative growth, it increases the photo synthetic activity and grows the product. It especially supports the growth of shoots and flowers, improves the fruit quality, removes Manganese and Zinc deficiency which is common in fruit trees and improves fruit color.

Grand AGR is a very special fertilizer because it has a composition that provides all the nutritional needs during the growing stage of the citrus.


Application through leaves

Plants Application through leaves
Cut flowers 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Open field vegetables 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Greenhouse vegetables 125-175 g in 100 l of water
Pome fruit 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Stone fruits 175-200 g in 100 l of water
Citrus fruits, olive trees 150-200 g in 100 l of water
Vineyards 150-200 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 1 Kg.