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Crazy Potas

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Completely soluble in water
Guaranteed Content
Total Nitrogen (N)
Urea Nitrogen (N)
Water Soluble Potassium Oxide (K2O)

Crazy Potas;
It is a fertilizer with high potash that can be used safely from fruit formation until the end of harvest. As the plants need lots of potash in fruit periods, the product prepared to meet this need increases the hold of fruit and ensures to obtain properly shaped, efficient products. By the help of trace elements included, ensures to obtain properly shaped, smooth fruits and vegetables with long shelf life. Crazy Potas which is an organic fruit growing product can be used in any environment and can be fully absorbed by the plants even in unfavorable soil conditions, by the help of especially organic substances and special additives contained. Reduces the water stress by rising turgor pressure of the plant and prevents the formation of loose tissue. Increases resistance against other stress factors and development of transmission tissues. Speeds ​​up exchange of the plant nutrients.
Allows the fruit to grow sufficiently in overhead applications, especially in the greenhouses experiencing root problems. It is recommended safely for the undercover cultivation during the cold winter months. As it is supported with trace elements, effective and fast results can be obtained in the applications through the soil and the leaves.


Plants Application through leaves
Cut flowers 100-150 g in 100 l of water
Open field vegetables 100-125 g in 100 l of water
Greenhouse vegetables 100-125 g in 100 l of water
Pome fruit 125-150 g in 100 l of water
Stone fruits 125-150 g in 100 l of water
Citrus fruits, olive trees 100-150 g in 100 l of water
Vineyards 100-150 g in 100 l of water

Packaging: 10 Kg.