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Kantech Agriculture Organic and Chemical Feritilizer Kantech Agriculture aims to present harmless products on human health, which provides hig-quality yield to industrial agricultural enterprises and fsrmers of countries having potential cultivated areas and to cultivated areas in Turkey. For this purposes, it presents the world-standards products improved with advanced technology by doing essential R&D and fieldwork to its customers.

We solve our customers demands clearly, transparently, fast and customer-focused. In parallel with complaints and suggestions, we apply permanent corrections in products and processes.

Kantech Agriculture is a firm whose root comes from a family engaging in fruit and vegetable trade. Our main expertises are agricultural pesticide, fertilizer, seeding and other supplies. At short notice, we create a world standards'quality and trustworthy product portfolio and become the biggest supporter of our customer by combining our experiments coming from retailing.

We are working more and more for your strong plants and are presenting the best products to you with our R&D department efforts.

We thank to our producers who produce and will produce the highest yield and the healtiest products with us.

Kantech Agriculture prefers harmless raw materials on human health and nature in its products. Our new-improved products are products providing high in organic context